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In the "You Receive" amount shown above, Exchange Fee and Network Fee are already included!
Our custom algorithms and improved exchange paths, always provide you with the Best Available Rate on the market!
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During the transaction, the Best Available Rate may change. Make sure you enable VPM to protect yourself from Volatility!
Exchange Fee is based on your Fee Structure level so don't forget to Sign in to your account or Sign up by providing an email.
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VPM If during the procedure, rates drop below the selected percentage, VPM will trigger to protect you from negative volatility! The exchange will be canceled and you will be refunded. You are not protected
Refund if rates drop below:
If during the processing time, rates drop more than 2.5% you will be refunded the amount of .
In the refund amount above, the Network Fee of that will be deducted by the blockchain is already included!
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